Lois Spurrier's Story

Apr 11, 2023

Lois Spurrier, was known for many things in her life: her 50 years as a teacher in Frederick County; as a musician who sang in the church choir and for the children she taught; a farmer’s wife who never gave up her love of the land; a local radio personality who shared tales of her life with her cat, Midnight; and a tireless volunteer who was a fixture at events supporting the causes she held dear.

But to her family, she was a loving mother who worked two jobs at times after her husband died to make sure theylacked for nothing. To her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she was Grammy Lo, to her school children, she was Miss Lo. But to all who knew her, she was a gift of love and joy.

When she was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, she approached it with the same tenacity as she did with all the challenges she encountered in her life. But as anyone who has faced that disease knows, more often than not, the disease wins.

When it became clear that Lois needed hospice care, her family was blessed to be able to get her to the Kline Hospice House.

The staff at the Kline House tended to her every need. Medical Director Dr. Mary McDonald made sure her medications alleviated the terrible pain she had been experiencing and kept her comfortable, while Katrina, the Kline House Supervisor, fixed Lois her favorite treats: chocolate milkshakes.

And even though her stay at the Kline House was just a few weeks, during that time, the staff made a point of knowing her “story,” especially her love of animals and music. Georgia, Hospice’s Music Therapist, would visit and play her guitar, making sure to learn the tunes that Lois knew and loved.

But perhaps the greatest joy and biggest smiles came when the Hospice HosPets arrived: Steeler the dog, and Everlast, the alpaca.Lois always loved bringing people out to her family farm and showing them the animals. So imagine her joy when the animals came to her.

But nothing, nothing brought her more joy and peace than when one of her friends from church brought her beloved cat Midnight to her at the Kline House. The Hospice staff not only accommodated that reunion but encouraged it, because they understood that it would make her last few days on Earth complete.

Hospice was a blessing to my Lois, but also to all of those who loved her so dearly.

The care she received alleviated a lot of the stress her family was feeling. It was a relief to know that she was well cared for, not in pain, and in surroundings that enabled her to enjoy her last days in peace.

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