Experience Comfort Through Music

We offer Music Therapy services to our patients and families to enhance physical and emotional comfort through specialized, clinical interventions with a credentialed professional. The Music Therapist can visit one time or on a routine-basis, depending on the needs of the individual. The visits are included in Hospice services at no additional cost to the patient/family.

Our Music Therapist will develop individualized therapy plans and visit schedules based on your needs and goals such as pain relief, reduced anxiety and agitation, ease of respiratory symptoms, support for depression, enhanced communication, and the opportunity for meaningful family involvement.

Examples of therapeutic interventions used by the Music Therapist include:

  • Live, patient-preferred music listening
  • Singing
  • Lyric discussion/analysis
  • Songwriting
  • Playing instruments
  • Music-assisted relaxation
  • Funeral/memorial service support

Watch Our Video to Learn More About Music Therapy

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