Spiritual Care

Every person has a spiritual dimension – those non-material aspects of life represented in our relationships with family, friends, or a greater power, which provide meaning in our lives. These life values guide our response to life-limiting illness. Some people express their spirituality through religion, others do not. A person does not have to be religious, or even believe in anything at all, to have spiritual concerns.

At Frederick Health Hospice, spiritual care refers to holistic dedication to the psycho-social-spiritual growth and well-being of each person we serve. We believe that spirituality:

  • Is a broad concept that refers to the experience of, and search for, peace, hope, and love.
  • Can be defined as a complex and multi-dimensional part of the human experience which helps individuals search for meaning and purpose of life, comfort, and support.
  • Includes people who are religious and have a connection to a faith tradition, as well as people who do not perceive themselves to be religious at all.
  • Encompasses our desire to maintain health and well-being, find healing, or live our remaining days with dignity, respect, and peace.

Our chaplains are members of the hospice interdisciplinary team, so that they can have the fullest understanding of each person they serve. They are both men and women, and although we do have a spiritual care team that includes a Catholic priest, a Rabbi, an Imam, a Buddhist, and a Protestant minister, our chaplains are both clergy and laics. The ultimate role of a chaplain is to provide spiritual support by discussing important issues and questions, defining personal values and life meaning, and to yield empathic companioning.

Interactions are at the core of our work in hospice care and remind us that while this is a business based on science, it remains a practice grounded in our humanness; in our hopes and fears, vulnerabilities, and strengths. At the heart of all we do and hope to achieve in hospice care we never overlook that we are simply human beings caring for human beings.

For more information or to reach out to our staff directly, please contact our offices by calling 240-566-3030.

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