4 Reasons to Call Us Sooner

Accepting hospice is a difficult decision for those patients and families who aren’t aware of how our unique team approach to personalized care and expert pain and symptom management can improve quality of life for patients with a life-limiting illness. Once they experience the many benefits and support of Frederick Health Hospice, they often say, “We wish we’d called you sooner.” The common misconception is that hospice care is just for the final few days of life. It’s not. Hospice offers numerous benefits for patients and families alike that can be accessed months before the very end of life.

Here are some key benefits of calling hospice sooner:

  1. Hospice can improve quality of life
  • Manages pain and symptom relief
  • Provides care where you live and allows you to stay in your home
  • Care reduces trips to emergency department
  • Reduces or eliminates unnecessary and unwanted hospitalizations
  • Studies show that patients under hospice care live longer than those who don’t
  1. Hospice puts patient’s wishes front and center
  • Allows you to take back control of your health and care plan
  • Focuses on “what the patient wants”
  • Tailors care to emphasize quality of life, which is different for every patient
  • Puts in place a plan of care that conforms to YOUR priorities
  1. Hospice communicates with your doctors
  • Hospice allows you to see your doctors and keeps your doctors involved in your care plan
  • Is available seven days a week; 24 hours a day, we are just a phone call away
  • The patient is in control, at any time, a patient can discontinue their hospice care
  1. Hospice gives your family much needed support
  • Educates family on how to safely care for a loved one
  • Provides for respite care to help prevent caregiver “burnout”
  • Provides access to grief support and chaplain services
  • The familiar faces of our caring staff become a source of comfort through a difficult time

Hospice care is 100% covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies, and no one is ever turned away for inability to pay for services. Here you can find more resources on discussing hospice with your loved ones.

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