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Living in the Moment Mar 21, 2018
Living in the Moment

Most people would never guess that Adele Carey was 90 years old when this photo was taken. As a Hospice patient, Adele resided at Somerford Assisted Living and enjoyed living life to its fullest. Her good friend, Sandy Thompson, and family members ...

The Need for Mourning Mar 21, 2018
The Need for Mourning

Mourning…is there an art to it or is it something that happens automatically? And what is the difference between grief and mourning? Grief refers to the reactions and feelings we have from experiencing the death of a loved one. Mourning is the way we ...

The Last Ride Mar 21, 2018
The Last Ride

I was the Hospice Direct Service volunteer assigned to visit Barry Glass when he entered our program. My job was to provide companionship to both the patient and his wife, even if just for a little emotional support. I soon learned that instead of a ...

A Life Fully Lived Mar 21, 2018
A Life Fully Lived

After many years in their own home, it became apparent that Ann Bohn and her husband both needed more assistance due to serious health issues. Ann entered the Kline House and Joe became a resident patient at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center in West ...

A Zest For Life Mar 21, 2018
A Zest For Life

From the first time John Noonan saw the Kline Hospice House, he was in love—with his room, with the staff and volunteers, with the view from the deck, with everything and everyone. “This place is like Heaven,” the 92-year-old said with sincere ...

The Snowglobe Of Grief Mar 21, 2018
The Snowglobe Of Grief

On Friday, June 10, 2011, at 12:30 a.m., my life changed in such a way that it would never, ever be the same again. My husband Steven died after an eight-year battle with cancer. Grief had already become a constant companion in 2009 when Steve’s ...

The Lucky Winner Mar 21, 2018
The Lucky Winner

Hospice patient Violet Young loved to play the slot machines in Charles Town, West Virginia and her daughters Jennifer and Robin planned to take her there for a day of fun. When Violet’s illness necessitated a change in plans, the daughters surprised ...

The Importance Of Being Present Mar 21, 2018
The Importance Of Being Present

Volunteering isn’t always about interaction or action. Sometimes, our patients are not very responsive, participative or communicative. They might be sleeping a lot or simply unconscious. Compassionate presence volunteers have one simple but highly ...

Life at the Kline House Mar 21, 2018
Life at the Kline House

Every day at the Kline Hospice House is busy, filled with lots of activity, laughter, and memories in the making. We consider ourselves blessed to share many sweet moments with our patients and families. One gentleman told us he’d just have to get ...

Making Memories Every Day Mar 21, 2018
Making Memories Every Day

Whether it was in his grandparents’ pond, Gunner’s Lake in Montgomery County or the shallow surf around Assateague and Chincoteague Islands, 31-year-old Stephen Travels could never get enough fishing. “No matter what was going on in my life, I could ...

The Closest Place To Home Mar 21, 2018
The Closest Place To Home

Since Kline Hospice House opened its doors in 2002, the beautiful home and its caring staff have earned the gratitude and praise of many area families. “Kline House met every need we had.” Pepper Delauter’s father, Stanley Gaver, was fearful that he ...

It's the Little Things Mar 21, 2018
It's the Little Things

Capturing the joy in every day doesn’t always mean fulfilling a lifelong dream. Sometimes, extraordinary joy comes from the most ordinary things. We asked our volunteers and staff to share some examples: Hospice volunteer Angela was looking for a way ...

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