Thankful for the Care

Jun 10, 2020

Bonnie and her late husband Dave were introduced to Kline Hospice House in 2012 when they visited a friend’s mother. Bonnie remembers how impressed she and Dave were with its peaceful, home-like setting, and the gentle, compassionate care the staff provided to both patients and their families.

It was in 2018 when Dave would need to be at the Kline House. Bonnie felt confident allowing the experienced team there to care for Dave’s medical needs, so she could concentrate on simply being with him--sharing memories of their 40+ years of life together.

Dave spent just one day at the Kline House, but, in Bonnie’s words, it turned out to be a fateful day. From the window of Dave’s room, she watched Hospice’s Veteran Liaison Keith Midberry conduct the first Memorial Day Remembrance ceremony. Later that day, Keith paid the Navy’s respects to Dave and Bonnie, presenting Dave with a Proclamation from President Obama commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and a certificate honoring Dave for his military service.

Keith told Bonnie about options available to her for a military funeral for Dave. “By the time I left Kline House that day, I knew that Dave’s cremated remains should be at Arlington National Cemetery,” she said. In December 2018 with Keith’s assistance and the guidance of minister and friend, Dave was interred at Arlington. A personalized wall tile honoring Dave’s Vietnam service hangs on the Memorial wall at Kline House.

Also in December, Bonnie attended the annual Hospice Remembrance service. Bonnie was moved by the speakers and the music, both of which, she says, brought the Christmas season to life for her in a new way. Early in 2019, encouraged by Frederick Health Hospice’s bereavement team, she attended a spousal loss support group. There, Bonnie met and bonded with others who shared their feelings of grief and loss. The group members have continued to support and socialize with each other.

Recently, Bonnie pledged her support to Hospice with a gift and joined other donors as a Circle of Life member. Her generosity will help ensure that the full range of services she received before, during, and after Dave passed away remain available to anyone who needs them.

“I think of the staff and volunteers at Frederick Health Hospice as my bereavement family,” said Bonnie. “They not only helped Dave and me during the last hours of Dave’s life, they helped me arrange for and provide him with the military funeral he deserved. They have continued to surround me for the past two years with the support I need to deal with my grief… which is never-ending.”

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