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Read Dianah Gibson's Story 11.19.2020
Read Dianah Gibson's Story

As news director at WFRE/WFMD, I had interviewed Frederick Health Hospice’s staff and volunteers, attended their fundraisers, and reported on their role in our community. I knew they did good work, but I didn’t truly understand the true ...

To Live Until He Died, Dad Chose Hospice 09.14.2020
To Live Until He Died, Dad Chose Hospice

Several years ago, my father, Richard Eugene "Dick" Stockman, found out that he had a rare cancer. In the early stages, we had high hopes that the treatments he received would stop or greatly delay its spread. Dad kept his usual positive ...

Father's Day 06.18.2020
Father's Day

If you have gone to a store, or watched television, or checked your email recently, you have probably been reminded that Father’s Day is this weekend. While for some people these have been helpful reminders to recognize the significant men in ...

Thankful for the Care 06.10.2020
Thankful for the Care

Bonnie and her late husband Dave were introduced to Kline Hospice House in 2012 when they visited a friend’s mother. Bonnie remembers how impressed she and Dave were with its peaceful, home-like setting, and the gentle, compassionate care the ...

Remembering Carl Miller 05.26.2020
Remembering Carl Miller

When Carl Miller passed away at the Kline Hospice House earlier this year, his family members lost a father, a brother, an uncle, a grandfather and a great grandfather, and Hospice lost a very dear friend. “I speak for the entire Frederick ...

Forty Years of Care, Comfort, and Hope 02.27.2020
Forty Years of Care, Comfort, and Hope

Since March of 1980, Hospice of Frederick County, now called Frederick Health Hospice, has been promoting quality of life by providing compassionate medical, emotional, spiritual and bereavement support to individuals and their loved ones facing a ...

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Read Lionel Bowie's story

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