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Nov 19, 2018

When I found out that my mother was nearing the end of her life, I had no idea where to turn. What a relief to learn that Hospice of Frederick County would walk beside us until the last day of her life, providing peace, comfort, and more blessings than we ever expected.

When someone receives a great kindness, I always think it’s a good idea to pay it forward. I’d like to start by telling you our story.

A lot of people would say that my mother was a character…and those people would be right! She loved fast cars and all kinds of music—everything from Motown to the Rolling Stones to country. She loved to line dance, and when the band played the Watermelon Crawl, she was the first one on the dance floor.

When Mom learned that she had small cell lung cancer, one of the most deadly and fastest growing forms, she made the difficult and very personal decision not to pursue aggressive treatment. Now in need of 24-hour care, her biggest concern was that she would “become a burden.” Someone told us about the Kline House, but we didn’t think we could afford it. Imagine our overwhelming relief when we found out that, based on Mom’s income and assets, she could be moved to the Kline House.

The Kline House staff immediately surrounded her with love and even laughter, assuring her that no request would be too big or too small. As she settled into her bed that first night, I saw the worry lines on her face all but disappear. For the first time in many months, she rested.

Mom was able to find this kind of peace and comfort thanks to the generous support of people like you. I would like to ask you to take a moment—today if possible—to support Hospice of Frederick County.

The nursing assistants brushed Mom’s hair and painted her nails. She became fast friends with the Kline House Supervisor, Katrina, and the Hospice Chaplain Father Pothin. She grew to trust that Hospice’s Medical Director would keep her pain and symptoms managed. As it turned out, having her physical pain under control allowed her to deal with some emotional pain that she had been carrying for many years.

Although Mom’s family had been very close, she hadn’t spoken to some of her family members for 20 years. Within the Kline House’s healing environment, Mom and her estranged family members were finally able to offer the gift of forgiveness to each other, and I watched decades of emotional pain disappear overnight.

The staff participated in a surprise party for Mom’s 68th birthday. We had cake and ice cream, and her sister gave her a pair of fire engine red cowboy boots—something she had always wanted.

On Christmas Day, we were all together again to exchange gifts, make memories and share in Mom’s favorite holiday. Mom was especially excited to give my son a personalized batting helmet that had “Rock one for Nanny!” painted under the brim. I had never seen my mother happier.

Shortly after everyone left, Mom closed her eyes for what turned out to be the last time. It gives me more comfort than I can express to know that her last moments on earth were some of the sweetest she had ever known.

Thanks to Hospice, Mom finally experienced the gifts of physical, emotional, and spiritual peace. These were amazing gifts that she never expected, but that blessed her—and all of us—beyond measure. Your support made all this possible.

I hope you will join me and make a gift to Hospice of Frederick County today.

Khris Keepers

P.S. By supporting Hospice of Frederick County, you are helping to ensure that other families who are suffering can experience the same kind of care and comfort that we did.

"The Kline House was more than a home away from home, it helped my mom live out her remaining days in peace and comfort. No dollar amount can be put on the care that Hospice of Frederick County provided to Mom and to our family. I believe it’s always good to give back, which is why we held a memorial ride in Mom’s memory for three years in a row. We raised more than $26,000 for Hospice. I know Mom would be proud."

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