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Life at the Kline House 03.21.2018
Life at the Kline House

Every day at the Kline Hospice House is busy, filled with lots of activity, laughter, and memories in the making. We consider ourselves blessed to share many sweet moments with our patients and families. One gentleman told us he’d just have to ...

A Holiday Memory 03.21.2018
A Holiday Memory

When I was a Direct Service Volunteer for Hospice of Frederick County, I had the pleasure of visiting one particular patient and his family on Christmas Day. There were a lot of tears and sadness for this family: The father could not take everyone to ...

It's the Little Things 03.21.2018
It's the Little Things

Capturing the joy in every day doesn’t always mean fulfilling a lifelong dream. Sometimes, extraordinary joy comes from the most ordinary things. We asked our volunteers and staff to share some examples: Hospice volunteer Angela was looking for ...

The Closest Place To Home 03.21.2018
The Closest Place To Home

Since Kline Hospice House opened its doors in 2002, the beautiful home and its caring staff have earned the gratitude and praise of many area families. “Kline House met every need we had.” Pepper Delauter’s father, Stanley Gaver, ...

A Family's Railroad Ties Bring Comfort 03.21.2018
A Family's Railroad Ties Bring Comfort

While a lot of people find a train’s whistle to be a mournful sound, Timmy Bentz of Graceham, MD says hearing one always makes him smile. That’s because a train whistle reminds Timmy of his Dad, Charles W. Bentz, who was cared for by ...

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 03.21.2018
Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Forty years ago, President Richard Nixon declared the first National Volunteer Week to recognize Americans who give of their time and talents to benefit others. This was the same year, 1974, that the Connecticut Hospice – one of the first ...

Helping Hands 03.21.2018
Helping Hands

Grief support takes various forms at Hospice of Frederick County, but it is all available free of charge to anyone in the community who is grieving—regardless of how or when the death occurred. After Linda Williams’s husband died suddenly ...

The Next Best Place to Home 03.21.2018
The Next Best Place to Home

Joanne Mackenize, pictured with staff member Pat Nash, shares this about her time at the Kline Hospice House. “Staff makes you feel special and it’s beyond what I could have imagined. It is the best place to be for 24 hour care. You feel ...

A Dream Come True 03.21.2018
A Dream Come True

Hospice patient Wade Carter wanted to do one thing before he died. Somehow, some way, he wanted to thank his family for all they’ve meant to him through the years and their many kindnesses to him. A newcomer to Frederick County, Wade was used ...

Making Memories 03.21.2018
Making Memories

After 60 years of marriage, Gloria and Ted Godbee continued their tradition of ringing in the New Year with a quiet romantic dinner. Kline House staff provided the firelight and romantic spot. Their son-in-law made a perfectly cooked seafood dinner, ...

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