Grief in the Workplace

Most people spend more waking hours at work than at home. For many people, their work environment and co-workers may feel like family or community. The death of a co-worker or loved one can profoundly affect the workplace in a variety of ways.

When there is loss, the impact on productivity and morale can be significant. The typical bereavement benefit at most businesses is three days, but grief can last quite a while.

Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one knows that grief is unavoidable—and unpredictable. Grief is a process that takes time. There is no timetable for when the process of grieving begins or ends.

How Frederick Health Hospice helps:

Frederick Health Hospice helps local businesses and organizations by providing grief support and education to managers and staff—at no charge.

Our workplace educational sessions may include:

  • Finding healthy ways to grieve and cope with loss
  • Ways to express concern and support when a co-worker is seriously ill or has suffered the loss of a family member
  • How to share the journey of grief with co-workers
  • Learn ways to commemorate the loss of a co-worker
  • Making management decisions, for example, when an employee suddenly dies:
    • ways to go about removing their personal belongings
    • advertising the job vacancy,etc.

Providing support for grief in the workplace can have a positive impact on the work team and its ability to perform.

Employers and employees are encouraged to contact Frederick Health Hospice to arrange a workplace session offered at no charge at 240-566-3030.

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