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Meet Eileen 03.21.2018
Meet Eileen

Ask anyone who knows Hospice patient Eileen Bayles, and their face instantly breaks into a smile. They use adjectives such as “amazing,” “wonderful,” and “inspiring” when talking about the longtime Frederick County ...

Through a Daughter's Eyes 03.21.2018
Through a Daughter's Eyes

Dear Hospice of Frederick County, I was a broken record in the weeks preceding Mom’s admittance to Hospice. I knew if I could just hold on, Hospice would be there to make her comfortable and help me deal emotionally with her impending death, as ...

Life Comes Full Circle 03.21.2018
Life Comes Full Circle

Sheila Corbett was a volunteer during the early days of Hospice of Frederick County when a very small number of people made a big difference to the larger community. So, when Corbett and her family sought out Hospice 30 years later when Sheila ...

Making the Right Decision 03.21.2018
Making the Right Decision

Joe Ferguson could be a little contrary at times. “I’m a stubborn person,” he admitted. “When I make up my mind, it usually doesn’t change.” But after saying “no” to Hospice of Frederick County not ...

Veteran Volunteer Fills Unique Role 03.21.2018
Veteran Volunteer Fills Unique Role

There is a certain bond that veterans have with one another that is not affected by time, age differences or branch of service. Veteran volunteers have a special knack for understanding the unique needs and challenges of their fellow veterans, and ...

Hospice, You're Never Alone 03.21.2018
Hospice, You're Never Alone

When you’re coping with the loss of a loved one or need help caring for a family member or friend who is dying, where do you turn? For Greg Feeser, there’s only one option—Hospice of Frederick County. Greg first turned to Hospice in ...

A Life in Review 03.21.2018
A Life in Review

For 102 years, veteran George Hull has called Frederick home. “I never expected to live this long,” says the WWII veteran, who, after more than a century of hard work, true love, and a hero’s courage, is spending his final days at ...

Love and Happiness 03.21.2018
Love and Happiness

A former professional chef and antique purveyor, Eloise Dorsey’s zest for life continued as a Kline House resident. Eloise devoted her life to loving and caring for her husband, Charles, of 57 years as well as her children, grandchildren, and ...

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