A Holiday Memory


When I was a Direct Service Volunteer for Hospice of Frederick County, I had the pleasure of visiting one particular patient and his family on Christmas Day.

There were a lot of tears and sadness for this family:

  • The father could not take everyone to church as he did each year
  • Nor could he bring home a tree
  • His wife could not do her usual baking and the kids couldn’t have all their friends over for a Christmas party

But most importantly, there was sadness because it was certain this would be his last Christmas.

I stayed with the patient while the family went to church and listened as he talked about his sadness that this Christmas was so different for everyone. But during our time together, the doorbell rang three times--each time someone was there dropping off food and treats for the kids.

When his family came home, their arms were full of lovely things given to them by members of their church. All of a sudden, the tears shed were no longer ones that stung.

Tears of joy took over, and everyone smiled and celebrated all of the love around them that Christmas Day. Holiday music played, gifts were ripped open and everyone ate like kings.

Though it was his last Christmas, it was a beautiful one for our patient and his family.

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